Labia correction: one operation to eliminate several problems

During the plastic correction, the labia are reduced and their shape is adjusted. This operation can be combined with vaginoplasty – surgery for “rejuvenation” of the vagina. It is also possible reduce the amount of fat in the pubic area.

Plastic surgeon Vytautas Jankūnas says that it is worth considering the labia plastic surgery when the labia are longer than 1–2 cm in their natural state and approximately 5 cm when stretched.

Exceedingly large, asymmetrical, too outwardly projecting labia minora could cause inconvenience when wearing clothes and interfere with quality sex.

This problem afflicts women of all ages, in some cases it is congenital, but physiological changes of labia occur with age, and often – after giving birth. 

Doctor on correction of labia

The procedure and the results

  • Surgery takes up to 2 hours
  • Labia correction is performed under general anaesthesia
  • Dissolvable sutures are used

After the surgery

A few hours after the operation the patient is discharged home, treatment of incisions does not require bandages, seams are covered with special therapeutic ointments. On the next day, women return to normal rhythm of life. Healing is painless, it does not hinder the physiological functions such as urination.

  • Small nodules remain on the outside, which are removed after 10–14 days
  • Abstaining from sexual intercourse is necessary 6 weeks after surgery
  • Labia take shape within 1–2 months
  • The result is long-term

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Price of labia correction:

Labia correction
1,090 € (from 91 / month)

* The price includes necessary medical items, pre-and post-surgery care.