Reconstructive rhinoplasty or septoplasty is the procedure mostly for improving the quality of life rather than appearance, however, both can be achieve at the same time.

Difficulties in breathing through the nose, constantly runny nose, nasal bleeding or pain may be indications that nasal septum surgery is necessary.

Nose surgery can restore the shape of the nose after breaking, partial loss of the nasal tissue or full loss of the nose.

According to plastic surgeon Vytautas Jankūnas, nasal septal surgery is one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures. It is carried out on patients who are at least 18 years old, since this is when human bones and cartilages form fully and stop growing. It is performed on children only in exceptional cases, when it is necessary to eliminate respiratory disorders after trauma.

The procedure and the results

Nasal septum defects can only be eliminated surgically.

  • Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia
  • Duration up to 1.5 hours

 Nose septum surgery can be carried out in two ways:

  • Open method, when an external incision is made
  • Closed method, when the plastic surgeon performs all necessary actions through nostrils

After operation

If both correction of the shape of the nose and nasal septum surgery was performed, the aspherical changes will be visible immediately after removal of plaster bandage, and the enhancement of breathing can be felt immediately after cotton swabs are removed from nostrils. The changes remain for the rest of the life.

  • The patient must spend up to 2 days in the clinic, depending on complexity of surgery
  • Pain may be felt in the first days, as well as the discomfort caused by the cotton swabs in nostrils, which are there to prevent bleeding and necessary after nasal septum operations
  • The nose heals fully in 3–4 months, rehabilitation is usually painless

During the healing period:

  • Plaster bandage is worn for 10 days, and during this period swelling and bruises disappear
  • Sutures in the nasal cavity dissolve within 2 months
  • No physical exertion is recommended for 2–3 weeks

Open surgery leaves a barely visible scar, while closed surgery causes no marks.

During the first year after the surgery, quarterly visits to the plastic surgeon are recommended.

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Prices of nasal septum operations:

Nose shape and septum surgery
2,390 – 2,500 € (from 200 / month)
Nose septum surgery
1,190 – 1,300 € (from 100 / month)

* The price includes necessary medical items, pre-and post-surgery care.