Kind words inspire for work

As in each work, kind words inspire and affirm the fact that you are doing exactly what I must do. Dr. Vytautas Jankūnas gives thanks for the kind words!


I want to thank You and all Your amazing team. For the wonderfully carried out operations, for all of your concern and everyone’s attention.

Just as you said – no pain! I feel very good, everything is healing. The breast is wonderful. The labia are healing too, there is no bleeding, the swelling is disappearing.

As the saying goes, good specialists need no advertising, their works speak for them.

You really have wonderful hands. Right up until now I cannot help enjoying the fact that I chose You.

THANK YOU again! I am the happiest.

Rimantė and Eivyda

Each of us has flaws, but we often lack the determination to start to change. Encouragement of other people and favourable results encourage belief, that everything will be fine. Recently, I and my friend have undergone plastic nose surgery together. Although we became acquainted while staying in the same ward, we both can share the most excellent results. All thanks to plastic surgeon V. Jankūnas and doctor of the ENT department J. Diržauskienė, who provide patients with services of the highest quality, and also look after, take care and consult on all relevant questions, keep track of the healing process even after releasing from the hospital.


I want to give thanks to Dr. Jankūnas – I am the happiest in the world. Doctor performed buttocks enlargement and liposuction.

The fat never returned, and the buttocks look very beautiful! Implants are not visible, I do not feel them at all. I am planning breast surgery and I only want it done by You. THANK YOU again!


I am writing to thank You and Your entire team dr. V. Jankūnas.

Great thanks to You and everyone in person.

First of all, thanks to the administrator (no offence), a woman, who meets everyone with her wide smile – Thank You for that, for the kind words, for finding the time to ask me “how do You feel” even on that day when You were running around tired.

Thanks to the anaesthesiologist of great height – the guy who was especially serious and concerned (with my lungs in particular), yet it seems I made him smile after the surgery.

To the girls and women in the operating room (it seems there were three of You) – Thank You for preventing stress and fear to “swallow” me, my eyes probably told You everything, and Your conversations about manicures really eased the situation.

Thank You from all my heart, Doctor, for Your unaffectedness, for the specific, reaffirming words during consultations. For the care and the ear You lent, for flawless work and for fulfilling my greatest wish – the beautiful look in the mirror. The result is more than excellent.

With the greatest gratitude and respect.


Į would like to thank Dr. V. Jankūnas for the operation. You really have golden hands – Thank You very much. Now I have a beautiful face and chest. Only now, I like my chest and I really like it. I doubted, since I printed an online chart, which said that size C is 91–93 cm, if there are 75 cm under the breasts, and my size was 89 cm, therefore I thought, that the chest will be too small. You convinced me and now I am calm.

Once again, thank You very much for an excellent appearance.


I have undergone a breast enlargement and lifting surgery, and I cannot be happier with the result.

Thank You, dr. Jankūnas, for the professional work, detailed consultations and pleasant cooperation communication.

Good luck in Your works!


I have undergone correctional surgery on the nose. I would like to thank doctor Jankūnas and his assistant doctor Diržauskienė, as well as the entire staff, since I am very satisfied with the result. I would also like to thank for the advice, care, sincere communication, for the efforts to implement my dream and for providing detailed information.

There is no day for giving Thanks on the calendar.

Yet there should be…

A day for hugs and surprises,

for thanking people,

who have done something special for You.

Thanks to the entire team.