Intense skin ageing can be caused by the natural process of aging and other factors of particularly stressful modern life, such as heredity, smoking, environmental conditions, and stress. The skin becomes wrinkled and sagging to the extent that a double chin effect forms even for slim people.

If necessary, facial rejuvenation surgery can be carried out for both men and women. The optimal age for surgery is approximately 60 years, although the age limit is not strictly defined.

Facelift surgery

It is necessary for smoothing the in all areas of the face or in individual parts thereof: for lifting the sagging lower part of the face or smoothing out wrinkles on the forehead. It is also possible to lift the skin of the face up, change the shape of eyebrows, smooth out wrinkles on the neck, remove excess fat from the face.

The importance of the consultation

Whereas each human face is unique, there is no universal scenario for facelift surgery, says plastic surgeon Vytautas Jankūnas. Problematic locations of the face, that need correction, are discussed with all patients, without exception, during individual consultations.

The procedure and the results

Such surgery is rather complicated, but completely safe. During surgery, the plastic surgeon selects locations of incisions according to the gender, hair style, hairline and age of the patient.

  • Incisions are made in the hairy part of the head and around ears to minimise visible scars.
  • The skin is lifted as much as to eliminate wrinkles, and excess of skin is removed.
  • To achieve harmony, redistribution of fat and muscles underneath the facial skin is possible.
  • Surgery can take up to 6 hours.
  • Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Facelift surgery can be combined with liposuction or other facial surgery (lip augmentation, eyelid surgery).

After surgery

1–2 days must be spent in the clinic. Pain can be felt for the first couple of days. Apparent swelling – for approximately 5 days.

For the first days, bandages are put on locations of incisions, drainage tubes could be used to remove excess fluids from underneath the skin.

During the first week, any moisture on the face as well as sudden head movements are prohibited, therefore, it is advised to avoid driving.

For 3 weeks hard physical labour, training, saunas, pools, alcohol or overhead clothes must be avoided.


As swelling passes, the first results of surgery become visible, and they become completely evident after passage of several weeks. It is necessary to know, that although results of the operation are long-term, this procedure does not prevent the aging process.

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Prices of facial rejuvenation surgery:

Pharmaceutical face lift using fillers
550 – 1,200 € (from 46 / month)
Classic facelift of the middle and lower part of the face
3,000 – 5,000 € (from 251 / month)
Facial rejuvenation using injections of fat
1,200 – 1,400 € (from 101 / month)

* The price includes necessary medical items, pre-and post-surgery care.