Liposuction is not a method of weight loss

Liposuction is performed to reduce excess fat in problem areas, when even the best diets and physical exercise fails to help. Suction of fat cells can be done on the abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, back, arms, chin.

Plastic surgeon Vytautas Jankūnas performs liposuction operations using the “Euromi Lipomatic” system, which has the main advantage of causing the skin to shrink very soon after the liposuction procedure. The skin contraction is great – there is no loose skin. Nowadays there are just a few such apparatus in Lithuania.

The plastic surgeon points out that a maximum of 2.5 kg of fat can be removed during this procedure, therefore, if someone thinks that liposuction could help get rid of huge overweight, they should drop such illusions. However, experts agree that liposuction can be a great start of a weight loss program. Liposuction of the abdomen can also be one of the last stages of weight loss.

Doctor on liposuction:

The procedure and the results

During the surgery, the skin is incised by 4–5 mm. Fat cells are sucked through the openings with a small diameter tube.

  • The surgery is performed in general or partial anaesthesia
  • The duration of surgery is approximately 1.5 hour

After the liposuction

It is possible to go home on the same day after surgery. Minimal pain can be felt on the first two days after surgery.

  • It is possible to go back to work after 1–2 days
  • Active sports and physical activities must be avoided for 4–6 weeks
  • Wearing a special corset is recommended for 3–6 weeks

This operation will not hinder future plans to become pregnant and carry a baby.

Doctor on liposuction using the “Euromu Lipomatic” system:

The results

The results are immediately visible to the naked eye, however, the full body circuit is formed after 3–4 months. Small 2–6 mm scars are left at locations of incisions of the liposuction surgery, which disappear over time. If you have any questions or would like to meet plastic surgeon Dr. Vytautas Jankūnas, please register for an appointment.

If You have any questions of would like to meet plastic surgeon dr. Vytautas Jankūnas, sign up for an appointment.

Prices of liposuction:

1,390 € (from 116 / month)
Buttocks enlargement using fat
3,500 € (from 292 / month)
Liposuction from the neck region
1,190 € (from 100 / month)

* The price includes necessary medical items, pre-and post-surgery care.