Surgical treatment of obesity


Obesity is a condition in which the caloric intake exceeds calories being used, therefore fat accumulates in the body, which leads to the emergence of diseases.

Obesity-induced diseases:

  • metabolic syndrome
  • hyperlipidaemia (stroke, heart attack)
  • joint diseases
  • snoring
  • apnoea
  • potency
  • cancer
  • menstrual disorders
  • infertility

Surgical treatment of obesity is applied:

  • after reaching the threshold of third degree obesity (KMI > 40.0 kg/m2)
  • in case of second degree of obesity (KMI > 35.0 kg/ m2) and the patient type 2 diabetes
  • in case of increased blood pressure, arthralgia, sleep snoring

Surgeries performed:

  • Gastric by-pass
    During the operation, a small stomach is formed and connected to the small intestine, thus bypassing the part of the digestive tract. The rest of the stomach, bile and pancreatic juice enters the digestive tract through the additional junction formed in the small intestine.
    Price – 4,600 EUR
  • Gastric plication
    It is an operation in which one or several folds of the stomach wall are formed and sewn inside the stomach. This helps to reduce stomach volume and patient should consume less food to feel satiated.
    Following this operation, 40 to 100 percent of overweight is lost during the first two years. Many other disorders associated with obesity are reduced after this surgery (hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnoea, and others).
    Price – 3,000 EUR
  • Surgery of forming a gastric sleeve
    During the operation, a sleeve is formed inside the stomach, with the capacity of approximately 200 ml. The surgery results in reduction of the stomach volume by approximately 70 percent.
    Price – 4,600 EUR

All operations are performed under general anaesthesia, using the laparoscopic method, i. e. through small incisions in the abdominal wall. This method ensures minimal post-operative pain.

The patient stays at the hospital for only 1–2 days.

In each case, depending on the patient’s weight, mood and other medical parameters, the most appropriate method of operation is offered and selected.

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