Breast lifting

Breast lifting is a completely safe and relatively simple procedure, during which excess skin is removed, a new contour of the breast is formed, the shape and nipples are restored into the natural position. Thus, the breasts obtain the previous or new shape, and if the patients request, they may be augmented with breast implants.

The appearance of the breasts changes over the years for a variety of reasons:

  • the natural aging process
  • childbirth and baby’s breastfeeding
  • inheritance

Therefore, the formerly rigid and well-formed breasts eventually change completely. The skin wrinkles, its excess causes them to look sagging at the lower part, the nipples move to the bottom.

The process and the results

At the time of the surgery the location of the nipple and the aureoles shall be moved by lifting them up and removing excess skin at the bottom part. If necessary, the breast can be enlarged using implants, if lifting alone does not meet Your expectations. Incision is needed for breast lifting surgery, therefore a slightly visible scar will remain.

  • Breast lifting is performed under general anaesthesia
  • The operation takes approximately 3 hours.

After the operation

It is advisable to stay at the clinic for 1–2 days after surgery, so that the plastic surgeon could evaluate the result achieved. Bandages are replaced after the first day, other necessary care is provided.

One week after the surgery the patient can safely return to work, however, physical activity should be avoided for approximately one month and a special bra should be worn, and the scar should be protected from direct sunlight – that will help it become less visible, even though breast lifting surgery leaves not vivid scars. At the beginning of healing it will be red, then take on a whitish appearance and will not attract the eye of neither the patient, nor the closest people. The scar will be completely hidden by underwear or bathing suit.


Obvious changes can be observed immediately after surgery: breasts regain their youthful form again. The final image reveals itself after a few months following the surgery. After the surgery, a bra of smaller size might be necessary, because the breasts become firmer and more regular in shape.

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Breast lifting
2,290 € (from 191 / month)

* The price includes necessary medical items, pre-and post-surgery care.