Breast enlargement

The medical term for breast enlargement is augmentation mammoplasty. Such surgery is one of the most popular and frequently performed procedures of aesthetical surgery in practice of Vytautas Jankūnas. 

Nice chest is definitely a symbol of femininity. Unfortunately, nature has not awarded all women with breasts of the desired size and shape. Breasts are augmented using implants to build women’s confidence and reduce complexes over physical appearance.

In order to reconstruct the size of the breasts or to augment it, the doctor uses some of the most innovative and safe implants by “Motiva”, which make sure breast augmentation is efficient and gives natural results.

Before and after

On the “Motiva” breast implants used

“Motiva” implants are filled with gel of progressive formula “Progressive Gel”, ensuring perfect filling and balance, the necessary mechanical properties and softness. The important thing is that this gel prevents deformation of the implant even under pressure. The brand-new implants prevent formation of creases at the breasts, which ensures the highest aesthetical result.

“It does not stick to the surrounding tissues, therefore it allows the implant to easily adapt to the natural motions, eliminates the possibility of wearing, when ordinary implants inserted for physically active women, release surface materials and their size diminishes”, the features of “Motiva” implants are described by V. Jankūnas.

Such breast implants are installed with electronic numbers – radio frequency identification microchips. They allow the manufacturer, the plastic surgeon or the patient herself to use a safe online database and track the implant history.

Doctor briefly describes breast augmentation using implants:

Possible methods of implant placement:

  • Under the muscle of the chest, which is between the breast tissue and the chest
  • Under the breast tissue over the chest muscle

Possible locations of the incision:

  • Below the breast: under the breast, directly above the crease.
  • At the arm pit: beside the arm pit, where the arm meets the chest area.
  • Around the aureoles: around the lower edge of the areola (the dark area around the nipple).

Postoperative period

It is advisable to follow the recommendations of the surgeon after the operation.

  • A special bra must be worn for 4–6 weeks
  • It is recommended to avoid physical activity for approximately a month
  • Usually it is possible to return to work 7–10 days after surgery

Under normal circumstances, the results of breast augmentation surgery are long-term. However, it is important to visit the plastic surgeon for medical check-up periodically.

Breast augmentation using fat

Breast augmentation using fat is yet another method for breast enlargement, which comprises transfer of Your fat into breast tissues. The plastic surgeon performs liposuction from the locations where there is excess fat (e. g., abdomen, thighs and sides), and processes it for injection into breasts.

If You have pendulous and sagging breast, Vytautas Jankūnas can adapt any of the abovementioned Brest augmentation methods with breast lifting.

Doctor has more on breast augmentation:

The importance of consultation

The initial meeting with the plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps. During the consultation, plastic surgeon Vytautas Jankūnas will evaluate the following before giving his advice on the size of the breast implant and the method of surgery:

  • The present size and shape of breasts
  • Your desired size and shape of breasts
  • The amount of breast tissue and its quality
  • The quality of Your skin
  • The location of Your nipples and aureoles

During the consultation, visualization technology “Crisalix” is used to come up with the clearest possible image of how the breast would look after surgery, therefore You will know exactly how You breasts will look after surgery.

If You have any questions of would like to meet plastic surgeon dr. Vytautas Jankūnas, sign up for an appointment.

Prices of breast augmentation using implants:

  • Breast augmentation using fat
    2,790 € (from € / month)
    Plastic surgery of breast nipples (correction of inverted nipples, restoration, reduction)
    790 € (from € / month)
    Correction of breast shape using fat transfer
    2,790 € (from € / month)
    Breast augmentation and lifting (using implants)
    3,590 € (from € / month)
    Breast augmentation (using implants)
    2,790 € (from € / month)

* The price includes necessary medical items, pre-and post-surgery care.